Introducing Community

Community is a curated marketplace of premium inventory and data, making it easier for brands to reach desired audiences and environments at scale. Community is built on industry-leading technology and seamless access to supply from omnichannel, directly-integrated Monetize publishers.

Community is developed with an understanding of the dynamically changing relationship between consumers and content providers. With access to more high-quality content, consumers are voting with their time and attention. Even the most elusive audiences are consuming content on their terms, spurring new consumption patterns  They’ve lost patience for poorly targeted, repetitive, and/or irrelevant advertising messages.  These are the new conditions facing today’s marketers. The motivation to make advertising more relevant and effective has never been higher.

The sense of near infinite content options for consumers has similarly raised a new set of challenges for today’s content producers and publishers, who are all competing for the finite attention of consumers. Managing meaningful consumer connections now requires an investment in scaled data and technology solutions..